Life is a big collaboration and we cannot navigate it alone.

Are you ready to write your next chapter?


I offer a programme that encompasses all aspects of self. Together we can journey to discover your purpose and unleash your passions.

Mine is a fully immersive methodology which offers tools and steps for reconditioning overall behaviour. Nutrition Coaching is also included as an additional bonus in both Coaching and Counselling as you embark upon your experience.

*Disclaimer: I am not one for posed headshots so here I am pictured with my beautiful wife. P.S. that is grape juice in our glasses :).

About me

Hi, my name is Chad Oberholzer.

First and foremost I am a doting husband to my awe-inspiring wife, Yarisha, and a proud father of my two marvelous children, Aiva Madison and Maximus Skye.

My experiences in life have been immeasurable as each of our journeys are.

Despite having come from a broken home at a young age, there was no lack of love and support surrounding me. Thanks to my mother, I was able to travel the world from a very young age. This served as an education in life and led to experiences that cannot be replaced.

I have also acknowledged and overcome my own addictions and demons throughout the years which have freed me to be the man that I am today.

Professionally I have run multiple businesses and functioned in senior management positions in many large corporations within multiple industries such as banking, telecommunication, retail, oil and gas. For fifteen years I was able to coach and mentor many successful professional and life journeys within these industries.

In addition, my wife and I design and host Yoga and Wellness Retreats. Our vision is to start an all encompassing Wellness Centre which will incorporate both our skills and expertise.

Since I was a young boy, I have always wanted to change the world. The ripple effect of change starts with helping and collaborating with one person at time, and I would like to change the world with you!

Diploma ~ Psychology: General, Developmental and Industrial

SAQA ID: 21135

Operating Hours

Sunday – Thursday 9am to 9pm

Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Dubai